Me (trying to) play Angry Birds on Facebook
Me (trying to) play Angry Birds on Facebook

Angry Birds, the multi-platform and highly addictive game developed by Finnish company Rovio, has launched on Facebook with brand new power-ups and platform-exclusive levels.

Angry Birds is already available to play on Android, Google+, iOS, Mac, Nook Color, Palm and PC. With 700 million downloads so far, Angry Birds is sure to slingshot its way past the one billion mark very soon with the help of Facebook’s 845 million army of potential gamers.

Angry Birds on Facebook brings with it the usual disgruntled, wingless birds that are catapulted through the air at nasty egg-stealing pigs. Players compete against their friends on Facebook for high scores.

Angry Birds’ leap onto the Facebook platform also ensures many lost hours of productivity during office hours and awards yet another reason for users to stay longer on the social network.

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