An Amazon Fulfillment Centre in south Wales. Credit:
An Amazon Fulfillment Centre in south Wales. Credit:

Shoppers are no longer impulsive. A recent study from Deloitte has found that nine out of 10 shoppers know what they’re purchasing before entering a physical store – all thanks to research first conducted online.

The study polled 4,086 household shoppers in the United States and found that 80% of respondents conduct some form of online research prior to purchase, allowing them to establish a pre-determined price point before stepping into stores.

Shoppers are aware of their new-found assertiveness. 75% believe that they are smarter shoppers now than they were a year ago, with 66% knowing when specific products will be on sale.

Brands still play an important role in decision making. 83% of respondents have a specific set of brands in mind that they’ll consider purchasing, and 80% of shoppers have indicated that the economic recession has forced them to consider which brands they most want to associate with.

Big online retailers like Amazon hope they can continue to lure even more consumers online this Christmas with a five-day sale in the run-up to Black Friday – the traditional United States discount shopping day that also marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

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