Sony has officially revealed a PlayStation 3 game exclusive The Last of Us with a short but enticing trailer that has the gaming community buzzing and a topic trending on Twitter.

The game is being developed by Naughty Dog, the same studio behind the successful Uncharted game series. The game’s trailer is short but reveals a few important details.

The Last of Us has two main characters, a teenage girl named Ellie and a middle-aged man named Joel (possibly her father), who are locked in a constant battle for survival in a post-apocalyptic type scenario.

The trailer introduces two antagonists; first other hostile humans who are willing to kill each other as they fight for food and ammunition, and secondly ‘infected’ humans who have mutated as a result of some sort of epidemic. A screenshot of a newspaper with headlines including the terms “infected”, “quarantine” and “martial law” further reveal the apocalyptic nature of the game and a previously published ambiguous game trailer featuring an ant may suggest a possible means of initial infection or distribution.

The game is set in a city reclaimed by nature with rusted cars strewn on abandoned streets, suggesting that the game visits Joel and Ellie long after the initial epidemic occurred, and perhaps before Ellie was even born – survival is all she knows.

The trailer has been completely rendered on a PS3 system featuring breathtaking graphics as all signs point to The Last of Us becoming an epic and game-changing title for Sony. No official word of a release date yet except for some time in 2012.

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